Frozen Fairy

In the far, far away Kingdom of Ice there lives a lovely little fairy who's been blessed with some charming looks, a power to turn all the objects around her into sparkling, gorgeous ice and, of course, with a stunning sense of fashion. Pay her a visit, playing the frozen fairy dress up game, and turn your trip there into a great chance of taking a close look at some amazing fantasy outfits and glittery fairytale accessories!

If she's is not the most stylish fairy in the entire dreamland world, than I don't know who is! Just check out her lovely chic ruffled dresses, her amazing full skirt princes dresses and brightly colored empire waist long gowns and you'll see what I mean. Does she look prettier in golden yellow or rather in crystal blue? Dress up the frozen fairy with the fantasy gowns of your dreams and see which one best highlights her magic, gorgeous looks, then make sure to look for the most exquisite shawl, too, to keep her warm during the icy cold winter in her kingdom and to add some notes of refinement to her fairy look, too! A nice, stylish fur shawl or maybe a silk, polka dot one would add so much chicness to her fantasy outfit, that's for sure.

Now, are you ready to get dazzled? Then you'll surely by stunned at the sight of all those mind blowing glittery jewels that you have in the frozen fairy dress up game, from shraply colored, sparkly diamond earrings to stunning matching necklaces. Once the sweet fairy is all styled up and glamed up, don't forget to add some more fairy loveliness to her look by choosing her some gorgeous fluttery little wings, too. They will help her lift off the ground and reach the highest peaks of fantasy fashion, too! Still, there are some things missing to her winning, fairytale look! A lovely chic hairstyle would enhance her beautiful features, whereas a shiny, amazing sceptre is sure to add even more fantasy glow to her look and help her cast her magic spells in style, too!

Enjoy playing the frozen fairy dress up game and turn your trip to the Kingdom of Ice into a unique fantasy fashion show!

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