Forest Hedgehog

He's so tiny and so helplessly looking in that big, huge forest, all alone, with no one to look after him...Now wait a minute! You could be his guardian angel, right? Get the forest hedgehog pet carrying game started and turn yourself into this forest sweetie's new friend!

Someone's hungry, all right! With all those autumn leaves there, covering the ground, it seems impossible for our tiny little buddy here to find the yummy bugs he loves so much. Give him a helping hand removing the leaves that they're hiding under and spotting your hedgehog's tasty treats! Then, it's going back home time! It's going to be one trip filled with dangers, for on his way back to his dear burrow, this forest hedgehog might just get caught by his most dreadful enemy, you know: the owl! What true animal lover could not love fun pet carrying games online? Once you spot the feathered danger approaching, be quick to click anywhere on the screen and your tiny friend will turn itself into a little ball, getting his intimidating quills out. After you've looked after him and he's arrived home safe and sound, help him get rid of all the leaves he's collected on his back during his adventurous travel through the forest!

Enjoy playing the forest hedgehog pet carrying game and take your role as this cutie's protector really seriously!

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