Flower Store Slacking

Do you know how lovely Sarah's been spending her spare time after school these days? She's been helping her aunt running that charming little flower store that she owns. Still, her aunt is giving Sarah strict tasks to complete, such as watering only certain flowers in the shop, cleaning the floor off the fallen leaves and petals or getting the flower bouquet wrappings ready whenever her aunt has a major order to complete. As you can guess, Sarah, as you know her from lots of fun slacking games for girls online, won't limit herself to that, for she's willing do all kinds of things while here, surrounded by all these gorgeous flowers, all kinds of forbidden little activities such as: watering her favorite plants in the store, instead of the ones mentioned by her aunt, getting them rid of nasty flower bugs, playing “he loves me he loves me not” using of the pretty daisies in the shop or pulling off her own flower arrangements even though that's strictly her aunt's job. Do you think you could watch her back so that she does not get caught while performing all these forbidden little fun activities in her auntie's flower store?


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