February Cover Girl

A huge responsibility will fall on this supermodel's shoulders, you know! That fabulous, super stylish winning fashion look that she'll sport on the cover of this fashion magazine is going to turn into a worldwide must-copy look, you know, all those stylistas buying or just seeing the magazine's cover will do their best to recreate this stunning, super fashionable look. Play the February cover girl dress up game and do your best to get her a truly jaw-dropping, inspirational fashion look!

A fancy, posh catwalk look or maybe a lovely dressy one? I have to “warn” you now that even if you've played other great cover girl fashion games before, this definitely features a far more extravagant, high fashion wardrobe than those you've might already got used to. Start digging through her must-have fancy winter coats and see which one best pairs with her high waist pants or maybe with one of her gorgeous high-waist, knee-length pencil skirts. If you want a more feminine chic look rather then a ladylike, sophisticated one, feel free to look through her pretty, full skirt, 50's fashion-inspired dresses, too, and pick one that goes wonderful with some of her fabulous heels or stylish winter ankle boots. Dare pulling off some truly bold, statement fashion looks, while playing the February cover girl dress up game, looks that you would normally see only on the fashion runway. For instance pair a fancy knee-length skirt featuring a bold print with a stylish sharp-shoulder top and a maxi size scarf and you have such a fashion-forward, catwalk winter fashion look! Keep in mind that some fabulous hairdos wold definitely add even more.... fabulocity to each one of her possible cover looks, as well as a fancy designer purse and maybe some gorgeous stockings, too, so don't leave out any of these precious details that all those high fashion-addicted readers will definitely scan and judge!

Cover girl fashion games definitely make such great means for you to actually walk into the shoes of a famous fashion stylist and see how it feels to be the one deciding upon the winning, fabulous look that a supermodel should flaunt on the cover of a super popular fashion magazine!

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