Extravagant Hats

This is the hats boutique where you can find all the most extravagant, exuberant ladylike type of hats that you've seen only in those famous designers' glamorous haute couture fashion shows! Now, what if you got a job as a window decorator and you had to get the loveliest hat mannequin in the store the most glamorous-sophisticated look that should attract lots of customers into the shop? See you're qualified for your new job getting the extravagant hats dress up game started!

How about starting this hat mannequin styling up session by getting her a really chic hairstyle? Go for curls or go for a stylish bob haircut, then see what top would best highlight her stunning looks. It could be a candy pink sleeveless top or maybe a lovely chic puff sleeve blouse, picked from all the stylish ones that you have in thisboutique store craze game. With or without an elegant scarf? Now, make sure you focus on the mind blowing jewelry selection, too! You have gorgeous, stunning chandelier earrings to pick from and statement diamond necklaces to select from, so do your best to decide upon those that best complete both her beauty and her outfit. By far the best part of the extravagant hats dress up game: picking the perfect ladylike hat! You have sophisticated, wide brimmed hats, in the extravagant hats dress up game, to pick from, you have tall, artsy hats and lace, flower shaped mademoiselle hats that instantly turn any young lady into a true symbol of class and sophistication. Make the right decision and complete the hat mannequin's presentation look, the one that will surely determine lots of upper class ladies to enter this fancy boutique and look for the new designer hats to enrich their stunning wardrobes with!

Get in touch with the glamorous, haute couture fashion playing the extravagant hats dress up game, then seize the chance to dig through some cute animals' wardrobes, too, enjoying some of our bestpet dress up games!

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