Elsa's Drum Lesson

Can you believe this? Elsa's learning how to play the... drums! That's right, it has always been one of her secret wishes and today she's about to attend her very first drum lesson! She's a bit nervous, you know, that she might not turn out to be that talented rock musician that she knows she can be, so what would you say about getting her a stylish rockish look to boost her self-confidence with? Pick a statement, edgy punk, multicolored hairstyle for her, first of all, then put together a bold make-up look for her, as well, going for smokey eyes and a daringly colored lipstick, maybe, next join her as she learns to... play the drums! You can either help her replay the given series of notes, assisting her on lesson 1, hitting those drums in the given sequence, or you could opt for a free jam and get fully creative as you play those drums the way you like it. Enjoy!

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