Elsa Pony Caring

Gorgeous Queen Elsa has a new close friend these days, you know: Frosty, her new adorable pet pony! She's super fond of him, you know, and she loves spending quality time with sweet Frosty, pampering him from head to... hoof. Speaking of that, she's getting ready for giving her pony a complete grooming session as we speak, you know, and she'd be more than glad to allow you to lend her a helping hand. So, her horsy needs a bubble bath, first of all. Get him shampooed, cleanse through and through, then rinse the entire foam and get ready to towel dry gorgeous Frosty and to use that hair dryer all over his body, as well. Next, enjoy styling up both Frosty and Elsa! Give the lovely horsy a brand new stylish mane, a new chic, colorful tail, as well, and feel free to choose a new petty pattern and color for his skin, too. Has any other game, from all the pony care games that you've recently enjoyed, starred a horsy as cute as Frosty here? Then, seize the chance of digging through Elsa's astonishing, dazzling ice queen gowns and glittery crystal accessories, as well!

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