Elsa Homework Slacking

Elsa and Jack are in the classroom right now (they're both attending the Frozen High School in Arendelle, you know, and where do you add that they're classmates, too) and they're supposed to be doing their homework! Well, how could gorgeous Elsa stay focused on writing her homework when she's head over heels in love with Jack Frost and he's right there, next to her? She'll seize every chance she'll get to draw something cute... like some lovely red hearts... in his notebook, whenever he's not watching, thus letting him know that she has a big crush for him. You'll see, this might just be one of the catchiest girls slacking games you've ever enjoyed! Your job, as Elsa's accomplice, will be that of warning her whenever she risks to get caught while drawing either by Jack or by Olaf, who’ll show up, now and then, to check on the two famous students. Enjoy helping Elsa carry out her... slacking plan and make Jack Frost fall for her!

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