Elsa Harry Potter

I'm pretty sure you did not know that gorgeous queen Elsa's a huge costume parties fan! Well, guess what: she's even hosting one, at her castle, in Arendelle, today, and, as you can imagine it, she'd like to surprise all her guests with her spectacular costume. This year she'd like to dress herself up as... Harry Potter and she needs your help for pulling off an authentic Harry Potter-inspired look with a twist! Start by selecting her hairstyle, then decide whether a preppy chic Hermione-inspired look, made of a smart shirt and vest or of a sweater paired with a school pleated miniskirt would suit her best or rather a lovely geek chic dress instead! I bet you've played lots of Elsa dress up games so far, but not many of them challenged you to turn Elsa into a chic sorceress, right? Then, carefully select the wizard cape that she should wear and the funky, eye-catching tall wizard hat that she should complete her Harry Potter-themed look with, as well! A spell book or maybe a cool magic broom in one hand and some chic ankle-boots and voila: Elsa's ready to stand out from the crowd at her own costumed party with her heads-turning Harry Potter costume!

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