Elsa Eye Doctor

Dashing Elsa might be gifted with a stunning beauty and loads of charm, but the gorgeous Snow Queen can't boast of a perfect vision, unfortunately! She really needs to see an eye doctor, a really skillful one, who could give her a through and through eye examination and eventually get her the right diagnosis, too! So, it's time you got her eye a full eye exam, acting as Elsa's ophthalmologist! Start by checking her near vision, first, doing your best to recognize all the geometrical figures presented to you on the left side of your screen! Then, see whether her distance vision is OK! Don't you share our opinion that this is one of the most addicting free eye doctor games that you've ever played? Several letters of the alphabet will get highlighted on your screen, your task being to recognize them and type them on the round-shaped tab placed on the right side of your screen. The quicker you manage to type all the indicated letters correctly, the quicker you'll get to unlock the next step of Elsa's eye examination! Enjoy!]


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