Elsa Chinese Princess

Did you know that gorgeous queen Elsa has always wanted to travel, to see other places besides her dear frozen Arendelle? Well, luckily for her, she's living her dream these days: she's left on a worldwide tour and right now she's in... China! It hasn't been long till she got the title of a “Chinese princess” and till she got herself invited to one of those spectacular traditional Chinese festivities taking place here each year! You can just imagine that the Frozen beauty of Arendelle would love to dazzle away her new friends and, if possible, to outshine all the other Chinese princesses and queens attending it! So, you'd better chop chop and turn Elsa into a Chinese beauty queen! Apply her make-up, first of all, going for a dramatic red lipstick, and highlight her big, gorgeous eyes with lovely colored eyeshadow and mascara, remember to nicely define her eyebrows, as well, then... sweep throng the superb traditional Chinese outfits and accessories that you can find in her wardrobe! Get her a gorgeous, embroidered, satin kimono dress and upgrade it with an exquisite head unadorned and glittery jewels, too!

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