Elsa Baby Room Cleaning

Gorgeous queen Elsa's now a super busy mom and she's counting on your help for getting her adorable baby princess' room cleaned up. It's quite messy and dirty right now, so don't waster any more time and... get to work! Place the toy box in the middle of the room and start filling it in with the little one's toys, which are scatted all over the bedroom right now! Pick them all, one by one, and throw them into the storage box! Next, take out the box with the “Baby Elsa's Stuff” label on and start throwing in all the diapers, all the baby rattle toys, baby brushes, combs, glasses and cups that you'll see lying on the floor. Great! Is this like one of the most engaging baby room cleaning games that you've ever played or what!Then it will be carpet's vacuuming time, for it definitely looks dirty right now, all covered in stains and so very dusty! Master handle the vacuum cleaner put at your disposal and get Elsa's baby room cleaned up in the blink of an eye!

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