Elmo Visits the Dentist

You're greatly needed in muppets' world, doctor! Cute Elmo, the furry red monsterish sweetie, is having some dental problems, you know! Quick, grab your dental instruments and focus on each one of little Elmo's damaged teeth! Extract the completely black ones, which can no longer get fixed, fill in those awfully looking, big cavities, use the right dental tool for removing the ugly tartar from some of his teeth, as well, make sure to use that professional toothbrush for brushing the yellowish ones, too, and so on. Is this like one of the funniest dentist games online for kids or what! Don't you have the time of your life as goofy-cute little Elmo's personal dentist? Keep in mind to replace the ones you will have extracted with brand new flawless teeth and in no time you will have turned Elmo's severely damaged teeth into the perfect teeth that will allow him to confidently smile for the camera again!


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