Dwarfs' Menu

Are you in for a trip to dwarfs' fantasy world? Don't worry if you're, well, kind of tall for your new tiny friends, once you get the dwarfs' menu management game started, that won't be a problem. Once there, if you really want them to accept you into their small community, how about lending them a helping hand at handling all that huge “traffic” in one of their most popular restaurant there?

It's magic, isn't it? You've just landed in dwarfs' dreamworld and you've managed to enter their super tiny, famous restaurant! Here you have the first little customer coming in to have lunch! Be quick enough to click on the tiny customer's table, dragging thus the dwarf waiter closer, too, so that he can take his order. What will it be? A tasty bowl of soup or one of those yummy steaks, so famous already in these dwarfs' menu? Once you've picked the right kind of delicious dish, be quick to guide the on-screen dwarf waiter to the counter and then to the customer's table, again, to serve him the yummy meal that he's ordered. Bravo! It's quite easy to grow addicted to this kind of super engaging, fun restaurant games, right? There you have the very first golden coin! Drop the dirty dishes into the indicated dustbin there then... get ready for doing all that from the beginning again, and again for it sure looks like it's going to be a quite chaotic, busy day in these cute dwarfs' restaurant today!

If you're quite picky when it comes to the fun restaurant games you're usually enjoying online, then you can be reassured to find only the best-rated ones on Rainbowdressup. This management game is but an example!

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