Dream Tattoo Design

Are you ready to step into the shoes of a talented tattoo artist who owns her own tattoo salon? Well, then you'd better hurry up to work your skills on your first client, a gorgeous young lady, who'd like to get her body covered in superb, artsy looking tattoos. Which part of her body would you like to tattoo first? Her cheek or rather her back, her thigh or maybe her arm? Next, go through the jaw-dropping collection of tattoo options that you could draw: a girly sweet starry one or rather a goth-cute skull-shaped one or maybe an adorable animal-shaped one (a cute little owl or some lovely birdies). Next, grab your tattoo needle and start working! Trace your tattoo, first of all, by simply connecting the glowing dots popping up on that specific body part of your customer that you'd like to tattoo, then get it filled with bright, sharp colors, next... pick another zone on her body to exercise your skills as a tattoo artist on! How many of the fun games for girls that you've recently enjoyed did actually make you feel just like a real-life, so very creative tattoo artist?

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