Doughnuts Cafe

This cosy chic doughnuts café has just opened and yet it’s already overcrowded with customers! The doughnuts they serve here are a major, major spoil for anyone’s taste buds, you know! Since the lovely waitress behind the counter is experiencing difficulties in attending to all the incoming clients, what would you say about lending her a so very valuable helping hand? Judging by the wish bubbles popping up above your customers’ heads, you’ll know just what type of droughts they pre-fer, what shape they should have and, of course, which is the yummy topping that they’d like them “upgraded” with. Therefore, rush in to select the right doughnut treats, then to pour some yummy, yummy syrup on top or, on the contrary, to serve it to your customers without any topping at all if that’s the way they like their doughnuts. You can find the shop feature, as well, characteristic to lots of free food serving games online. The more cash you earn, the more chances you have to be able to buy all those precious supplies that you’ll be needing, for your doughnuts café, for it will definitely turn into the most popular and therefore the most crowded cafes in town, and you need to constantly to keep your clients happy with new and new doughnut specialties!

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