Dora's Sunburn

Poor little Dora! She's got a bit too greedy during her last sunbathing session, it looks as if she wanted to... soak up as much of the sun as she could, bur instead of a beautiful tan she's left now with a... nasty sunburn! She's in the emergency room, at the hospital, right now, waiting for you to put on your doctor coat and... step in for giving her the first aid! So, what are you waiting for? Chop, chop, give your poor cute little patient the medical care she needs! Start with the EKG, then hurry up to place your stethoscope on her chest, listening to her heart beat. Then, you'd better gently massage her body with the soothing ointment put at your disposal, for her burning red skin doesn't look good at all! Spray the special after sunburst lotion that you have there, as well, then administer her the due pill, too! Next, gently pressing a bag of ice cubs against her sunburns is definitely a must do!

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