Dora Room Slacking

Sweet Dora has promised her dad that she'll be studying really hard fro her math test in her bedroom, but after having solved so many exercises, the poor pumpkin feels like taking a fun pause now and then. She'd really like to “spice” up her long, long hours of study with some... great make-up sessions, maybe a manicure one, as well, with fun-filled “find the hidden object” or “spot the hidden difference” types of games and then continue with a coloring game, as well. Each time you spot the warning word “knock” popping up on your screen, somewhere around the door's area, you should know that her daddy's about to walk into Dora's room to check if his precious little princess is studying hard for her exam or... not quite. If you adore to play free slacking games, you'll definitely grow addicted to this tricky, reaction time-challenging one here! It's then that you should close the screen that you've just opened and... help cute Dora temporarily stop the fun activity that she's engaged in!



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