Dora at the Dentist

Poor Dora: she's not smiling as often as she used to these days, you know! She’s way too ashamed of her damaged teeth, you know, and way too afraid of the dentist to get them fixed. Would you like to be that efficient and yet so very caring dentist who'll gently repair all her teeth? Then put on your imaginary dentist robe and start fixing each one of her awfully looking teeth! Use the right tools for removing all the ugly looking cavities, the right ones for whitening her yellowish teeth, the perfect ones for replacing the dark black ones with new snow white teeth and so on. Since you already are a big dentist games online fan, you must be familiarized with all these tooth repairing steps, right? Once Dora's teeth look simply... picture perfect, how about rewarding her for having been such an obedient little patient by decorating her teeth with all kinds of lovely tooth stickers and by having them painted in all kinds of eye-catching candy colors?


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