Dora at Kindergarten

Cute Dora's so nervous and I'm sure you fully understand her: today it's her very first day at kindergarten! What she'll need for getting over her nervousness is a super pretty, girly chic confidence-boosting fashion look to win all the her future classmates' attention and make lots and lots of friends! Do you think you could turn her into a such a chic little mademoiselle playing the Dora at Kindergarten dress up game?

What will instantly help her gain her self-confidence is a lovely baby doll dress or maybe a chic combo make of some lovely, candy-colored cropped pants and a flouncy, cute patterned top. Which one of her pretty, girly outfits will be the winning one? Don't stop here for her makeover is not complete! Get her a new chic haircut, too, one that would frame her lovely face so beautifully, then see what sheer, pastel colored make-up look you could get her! I have no bout that you play Dora games regularly, but has any one of those you've enjoyed before been as heart-melting cute as this one here? A rainbow-like eyeshadow or maybe and a gorgeous shade of pink blush for her cheeks and we'd instantly look even more adorable and polished, too, just like a tiny chic kindergarten mademoiselle! As for her accessories, go for a pretty little hat or some chic baby doll or sporty shoes and lovely colorful jewels and she's sure to be one of the chicest girls from her group on her first day at as a kindergarten girl!

Play Dora games on Rainbowdressup and fashionize this cutesie for other events, too, from her busy agenda as one of the most famous cartoon characters!


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