Dora and Friends: Emma

Girls, meet sweet Emma, Dora's best friend! Emma's getting ready for her friend's birthday party, you know, and she's having trouble picking her lovely chic outfit, deciding how to style up her hair and what beauty products to use during her major skin perfecting ritual, as well. Speaking of that, how about starting her makeover with this skin perfecting session? Gently cleanse Emma's face, then apply a scrub, as well, exfoliating her skin, next focus on all her skin's imperfections and apply the right treatment lotion, then a deep-moisturizing facial mask, too, and next... highlight her cuteness with a baby doll chic make-up look, as well! Have you ever played Dora dress up games more addictive than this cute one here? A cherry red lipstick, a touch of rosy blush in her cheeks and some pastel colored eyeshadow and she'll look so pretty. Then, help her decide which one of her lovely girly chic dresses would be perfect for this special event!


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