Dolphin Slacking

Girls, meet adorable Bubbles, the dolphin! He sure is the cutest dolphin from the whole sea life park that he lives in and kids adore to see him perform his cool tricks during his weekly shows! Little do they do that now and then Bubbles gets lazy and would do anything for taking a break from the longtricks practicing sessions and just... slack off and have some fun on his own! His idea of fun is exploring the bottom of the ocean all by himself, playing tricks on some of the kids vising the sea life park, such as splashing water into their little faces, getting himself costumed as a pirate, performing his own favorite tricks and so on... It definitely is one of those new slacking games online that you could play for hours on end, isn't it! Now the problem is that the park's caretaker is watching Bubbles really closely, making sure he doesn't skip from his rehearsing sessions, so you should make sure he puts an end to his slacking lest the strict caretaker should catch him!

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