Dog Grooming Salon

For a true doggy lover like you being the owner of the most popular pet grooming salon in town must surely be a fantasy come true, right? Well, see if you can actually handle all this puppy cuteness and fluffiness and if you would actually make a good doggy beauty center owner responding to this game's challenges! Simply move your cursor as suggested to you on your screen and, once you've picked the doggy that you'd like to pamper first, get him covered in doggy shampoo foam, rub it well into its fur, then rinse if off handling the on-screen head shower like a pro' and next pad dry the adorable pooch using the soft towel put at tour disposal! Is this like one of the most addictive pet grooming games you've ever played or what! That's not all: once your puppy client looks so very clean, its fur is incredibly soft, its nails nicely shaped and its teeth spotless, rush in to reward him with a sweet hugging and petting session and then... with a fun-filled dog fashion show, too!



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