Doctor Pet Ears

What looked like a super fun day spent in the forest, running and playing with his cute animal friends, turned out into a rush to the animal hospital's emergency room for this adorable bunny here! The little funny one has a nasality ear infection, which ruined all the fun he was having with his tiny buddies! Would you be the veterinary who'll attend to him and cure the sweet little bundle of joy? Then pick up all those special medical tools, one by one, and use them properly for healing his long, long bunny ear! First of all use the injection you have there for a local anesthesia, then grab that disinfectant spray and use it all over his ear, apply that special ointment, too, for healing the nasty rash that your sweet little patient has, right in his ear and... keep up the good work, as a vet, till you've cured this cute bunny off his terribly ear infection, turning him into that playful, energetic rabbit that he once used to be! By the time you've healed him, you'll definitely agree that this is one of the catchiest animal doctor games that you've ever played!


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