Disney Princess Casting Audition

OMG! I bet you have never imagined, not in your worse nightmares, that Elsa, Snow White and Ariel could look as awful as they do now! The poor things have definitely neglected themselves, have skipped most of the last months' (or maybe even years') beauty rituals and visits at the spa and they're having a major audition today, you know. The jury will surely not be impressed at the sight of these once so ravishing Disney beauties, now some... pitiful wrecks! It's time you intervened and saved these three Disney princesses' lost reputations, guaranteeing them the chance to win the main parts in that new fairytale show that is about to get produced! So, give each one of them a total makeover, helping them regain their lost flawless complexions, applying intensively hydrating and moisturizing treatments onto their hair, giving a major boost to their fashion looks, removing braces, reshaping those hideously looking eyebrows and the list of emergency beauty and fashion interventions can go on and on. Enjoy!

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