Disney Castle Clean Up

What if I told you that now you have the chance to step into the bedrooms of some of the most famous princesses living in Fairyland? You sure have, for they're all hoping you'll accept to help them... clean up their messy royal chambers, you know. The first one on your list is gorgeous princess Cinderella! She's throwing a big dance ball this very evening and her ballroom is awfully messy now! Chop, chop, dare stepping into the sumptuous room of her palace and get to work: pick up all those wrappings and throw them into the dustbin, place all those cushions on the sofa, as well, pick up the fallen chairs, put all the glasses back into the luxurious glass cabinet, redress the gorgeous paintings on the walls and so on. Next, once you've got princess Cinderella's ballroom spotless clean and super tidy, ready to welcome all the guests who'll come to her dance ball today, hurry up for lovely princess Ariel, too, is waiting for you to get her bedroom tidied up!

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