Dino Caring

What if you could turn back the hands of time and travel to those prehistoric days where dinos used to inhabit the earth? It's not without a specific purpose that you'll be traveling in this imaginary time machine, for there is one poor little out there who needs your love and care so desperately! His mommy and daddy are out into the scary forest, hunting, and the poor baby dino has no one to look after him! Be his caring babysitter getting him cleaned of all those nasty mud stains stuck to his skin, giving him a through an through tooth brushing session, washing up him up from head to toe, brushing his skin, after you've gently dried it using the hair dryer put at your disposal, doing his pedicure, then... You will no doubt come to the conclusion that this is not just the cutest, but by far one of the most engaging animal caring games for kids that you've ever played, too!


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