Design Esmeralda's Gypsy Outfit

Raven haired beauty Esmeralda's getting ready to perform, right in the middle of one of Paris's most famous squares, one of her hypnotizing, jaw-dropping traditional gypsy dances! Since a huge crowd will gather around to watch her show off her amazing dance moves, she'd love to dazzle them all away with her new bold, attention-gabbing gypsy outfit, as well! What would you say, do you accept the challenge of being Esmeralda's personal tailor and of designing her new statement gypsy dress? Then hurry up and select the dress's design, then the bold pattern of its fabric, as well! Next, trace the dress's outline and cut out each piece of fabric which, ones sewn together, will result in a superb, eye-catching dress to compliment Esmeralda's stunning beauty! Now, if you really want to get her a dress that should express her strong personality, you should definitely consider styling it up with all kinds of boldly colored ruffles, a daring, golden handcrafted belt and to pair it with daring jewels, too!
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