Delicious Sandwiches

It's here that they serve the most delicious sandwiches in town, here where all those picky when it comes to burgers and yummy snacks gather around the counter, here that they can enjoy all kinds of amazingly flavored sandwiches, from vegetarian ones to double cheeseburgers. Get this fun management game started and see if you can handle this “flood” of hungry customers coming into your resto today!

Here she is, today's very first client! The quicker you start carrying out her order, the better, for she sure looks hungry to me! What was that? A yummy strong coffee and a cheese sandwich? Coming right away! You'll see that this is one of the most fast-paced free online restautant games that you've ever played! Pick the grist slice of bread, get it covered with a slice of cheese, with a leaf of fresh green salad, too, if it's the case, then place an another slice of bread on top and... click the oven symbol there, in the background. It's here that you'll actually get to test your reaction times. Once the tiny little yellow arrow reaches the green zone, the very same instant hit the “Stop” button and take out your nicely toasted, so very mouth-watering looking sandwich. Voila! Your customer is happy at the sight of his favorite type of yummy snack, you're happy for you will get your precious gold coin and earn your very first points... it's a win-win situation! Still, there's no need to get overexcited about this, for during the 6 levels you will have lots and lots of delicious sandwiches to make and more and more new customers waiting to be served equally fast and equally irreproachably. After two or three more customers you will see that the process is quite easy, thereis a very simple sequence to be followed: pick the right juice (or coffee), select the right ingredients for assembling your sandwiches with, while scanning, really carefully the one appearing in the wish bubble above your customer's head, then place your yummy burger into the microwave and make sure to hit the stop button at precisely the right time, then get ready to serve it to your client and collect the money you will have been rewarded with. Piece of cake... or I'd better say: piece of sandwich!

Whether you're already so familiarized with free online restaurant games or not quite, you'll see that you'll grow so addicted to this fast-paced one here that you won't even know when, from on juice selection to a salami selection, you've managed to complete all the 6 levels. Enjoy!

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