Cute Puppy Care

Wouldn't you just want to play with this incredibly cute pooch here, to hug him, pet him and make all his puppy wishes come true in an instant? Well, this puppy here sure needs loads of affection, but he sure needs a responsible, caring owner to keep him clean, well groomed and... in trend, too! The very first thing he desperately needs, after all that running and playing in the park is a... warm bath! Make sure to use all those doggy hygiene products in the indicated sequence! Start by getting his fluffy fur soaking wet, controlling the shower head you have there, don't forget to apply enough dog shampoo on his fur getting it spotless clean and to.. towel dry your new puppy protegee, too! Lovely! It sure looks like this is one of the loveliest animal cuteness-loaded fun pet caring games that you've ever tried, doesn't it? Next, as a loving and highly attentive to all his pets' needs type of owner that you are, give your puppy a major grooming session, too! Which part of his tiny body would like to groom first?


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