Cute Poodle Puppy

Is all this puppy cuteness and poodle fluffiness too much for you to handle? Your new virtual pet sure is adorable, but he's also so very dependent on you, his loving owner! He desperately needs you to wash up his fluffy fur, to use that gentle doggy shampoo that he loves so much, to spread the foam all over his body, then to rinse it off, using your mouse exactly the way those on-screen short text lines indicate to you, to dry it, controlling the on-screen towel, and so on. So, what would you say, would you like to seize the chance of being this incredibly fluffy pooch's caring owner? If you play pet caring games almost daily and you're a true animal lover in real life, as well, you will no doubt find all these puppy care tasks prepared for you in this game so very enjoyable!


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