Cute Kitten

S.OS, S.O.S! The cutest, most adorable kitty in the world desperately needs a carrying and so very loving owner! Would you like to take care of this lovely bundle of joy? Then get the cute kitten pet carrying started!

Oh, just look at her! She looks so heart-melting cuuute! Well, if you work your skills just a little bit, you could make her look even prettier! Just get her a lovely fur color, some cute ear and tail shapes, then pick a nice color and design for her adorable patterns, too and focus on her cute ktityy eyes, too. What next? Oh yes, after you've beautified your cute kitten, consider getting her a nice bubble bath, too! You'll see, once you start shampooing this kitty that this is by far one of the cutesy, most engaging cat carrying games online! Clean her fluffy fur sparkly clean, blow dry it and gently rinse it using the on-screen towel there... then how about getting her a nice manicure/pedicure, too? Just click on the on-screen and cut, cut, cut, till her claws are all so nicely shaped and polished. See what other kitty beauty steps you have to take till your tiny feline friend here turns into the cute and by far the most fashionable, so very polished-looking kitten from the entire animal world?

If you're so fond of cats, look after other and other furry cuties like this one here, enjoying other cute cat carrying games on our website, too!

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