Cute Giraffe Care

Would you take a job at the zoo as the cute giraffe’s loving caretaker? Then you’d better hurry up, for you’ll be giving your new long, long necked friend a live head to toe makeover, for lots and lots of kids will be watching you, from behind the fence, as you’ll pamper and style up your new animal friend, you know! First of all, give the cute giraffe a bubbly bath, washing her up, for she definitely looks like she hasn’t taken one in a while... So, go on and get its skin all wet, first of all, handling that little head shower on your screen, then apply the special shampoo put at your disposal and massage all the foam gently into its skin till you’ve removed all the dirt stuck to it. Then, slowly rinse off the shampoo, completely, and keep in mind to use that fan that you have there for getting your giant friend’s kin dried! Lovely! Isn’t this one of the cutest online animal care games that you’ve ever played? Gently brush it, too, using the rosy pink brush popping up on your screen and, once you’re done with the cleaning part, have fun giving your giraffe a new funky chic, attention-grabbing look. Feel free to go for a new vibrant skin color, for a brand new super cute, funky-shaped little tail, as well, for a new cool mane and so on, making sure that her final look will make all those sweet little zoo visitors chuckle with joy!


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