Cute Bunny Care 2

How would you like to own an adorable... bunny pet? Would you make a great owner for one of these three fluffy cuties here? There's only one way to find out: click on one of the sweet bunnies and then strive to make all his... bunny wishes come true in no time! The wish bubbles popping up above its cute little ears will let you know what your pet needs! He might need to take his daily bath, for instance, so hurry up to use that head shower you have there for getting its fur soaking wet. Then, be quick to get him his precious bottle of milk when he gets hungry, then his adored yummy veggies, as well, for your tiny fluffy bunny to feast upon. As a bunny care games online addict you'll definitely love this game here in particular! He'll also feel like playing, now and then, so make sure to bring him his favorite toy ball and then he might feel a bit tired, remember to place your sweet little bundle of fur into his comfy tiny bedding so that he may take a quick nap. Enjoy!

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