Cute Baby Daycare 2

How long do you think you could make it as a daycare teacher? 3 or maybe 2 or... just a couple of seconds? Put your babysitting skills to the ultimate test as you're striving to take the best care of 4 little bundles of joy simultaneously, responding to their needs in the blink of an eye! They'll be crying for their favorite baby rattles, so you'll need to hurry up and amuse them shaking those little toys before their eyes. You'll be challenged to change their dirty diapers with new fresh clean ones and, of course, you'll have to get them their bottles of milk, now and then, whenever the little angels get hungry. Have you ever played other baby care games cuter than this one here? So, I'm pretty sure that one of them is about to burst into tears so, hurry up, take a look at the wish bubble above his/her tiny head and be quick to get him/her precisely the item appearing there!




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