Cupcake Doll

Let’s see, can you guess which is this lovely doll’s top favorite dessert? Is it candies? No! Is it cookies or maybe ice cream? No! This cutesie is so very crazy about yummy, pretty looking cupcakes!  She likes them so much that she's even put together a highly customized, girly cute wardrobe in cute cupcake colors and with plenty of lovely prints featuring tasty, lovely decorated cupcakes. Check out her sweet, dreamlike wardrobe playing the cupcake doll dress up game!

Guess what: this cute doll here is getting ready to attend one of Barbie's most famous tea parties, in her fancy doll house. Only the prettiest, most stylish dolls from the fantasy world have been invited, so you do agree, don't you, that our sweetie here will have to flaunt a jaw dropping, super chic baby doll look if she wants to stand out from the crowd. Piece of cake or should I say “piece of cupcake”! Her wardrobe brings you all the loveliest, chicest clothing items and accessories to pick from, while playing the cupcake doll dress up game, and put together some amazingly cute, customized fashion looks for this cupcakes addict here! There are lovely colored, pretty baby doll dresses to pick from, cute chic cupcake printed puffed sleeve tops and girly chic pleated miniskirts, resembling some cute cupcake wrappings. The chic shoes, that you get to select from while enjoying this lovely doll dress up game, and the pretty, colorful jewels will complete her look and add so much baby doll cuteness and chicness to her outfit, whereas her hairstyle will enhance herlovely doll looks! All styled up in cupcake patterned, cupcakes colored clothes and accessories, hand picked by you and you only while you're playing thisrainbow girl dress up game, she will surely be the main star at Barbie's fancy party!

Play the cupcake doll dress up game and bring together your addiction for yummy cupcakes with your passion for fashion. Speaking of your passion for high class fashion, how about enjoying some other lovelydress up gameson our website, too?

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