Cool Winter

For this adorable couple here winter is not just about the blistering cold. No sir, it's also about their chance to get their cheeks rosy pink as they walk, hand in hand, along the snow-covered alleys in the park or as they build snowmen together. Also, winter for these sweeties here is also about putting on the cutest winter outfits and the chicest accessories for impressing each other with. What would you say about getting the two sweeties styled up for another one of their fun-filled outings in the freezing cold? Start with pretty Lily and get her a sheer, barely there make-up look to enhance her natural cuteness with: a bit of sheer pink gloss and some mascara should be enough. From all the new winter dress up games that you've enjoyed this days, this one here sure is one of the cutest ones! Next, scan through her lovely chic winter outfits and decide which ones she should wear today, on her outing with Tommy: she should either pair that cozy chic, bold red, star patterned sweater (white fur trimmed), that she's got for Christmas from her granny, with some comfy chic black jeans and her soft bright yellow winter collar or she could pair her sheer pink bubble winter jacket with one of her girly sweet flouncy skirts and some trendy chic fur-trimmed winter boots, add some sparkly earrings and she'll be so ready to dazzle away her friend, Tommy!

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