Concert Tee Designer

Do you know which is these lovely BFFs' top favorite activity before going to cool concerts? Designing some eye-catching tees that would help them effortlessly stand out from the crowd and... catch those superstars', on the stage, attention! For the major concert taking place this very evening they're hoping you could help them customize their t-shirts! Impress the girls with your amazing decoration talent! First, pick the chicest t-shirt design. Then, paint it in a vibrant, eye-popping color and select the perfect pattern, too. Would you go for cute polka dots, for chic stripes or for adorable little hearts? Then, continue playing what looks like one of the most creativity-challenging design games for girls by completing this custom made tee's look with a cool custom text or image. Go for a great, eye-catching text line, then pick a girly cute design such as a... little rainbow, a multicolored tiny star or some sweet tiny musical notes, it's up to you.


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