Computer Slacking

It makes such a lovely weather today, so sunny and warm, all of Sarah’s friends are out having fun on the school’s playground, but she’s had such a bad luck: on a wonderful day like this she’s “being held captive” in the library, grounded to sit by one of the computes there and don’t leave the room till she hasn’t finished the essay that she was supposed to bring to school for her English literature class… yesterday. Still, do you really think that naughty Sarah will just be sitting there at her desk, quietly typing at her pc for hours on end? No sir, if you say “Sarah” then you instantly say “a highly fidgety, cunning little girl”. Still, she’s counting on you to help her have some fun in the library whenever the lady librarian isn’t watching her. You could help her quickly close lots and lots of popups appearing on your computer screen, play a fun cards game, exercise her talent as a young fine artist doing a lovely drawing or… play a fun “smash the computer” game as well! As in other catchy fun slacking games for girls that you might have played before, you must already know that whenever the intruder pops up on your screen, in this case the lady librarian herself, you need to help your protégé, in this case cute naughty Sarah, stop fooling around and play her obedient girl role again!

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