Clean Vintage Teddy Bear

It's been three years since sweet Mary has received her precious teddy bear, as a birthday present from her granny. It's by far her top favorite stuffed toy, but it's got, well, a bit dirty and worn out. Do you think you could help Mary give her precious fluffy teddy bear a major makeover? It looks like it desperately needs a bath, so start your upgrading mission with that. Use the head shower you have there for getting it soaking wet, apply shampoo, then rinse off the entire foam and dry the precious little teddy, too. Don't forget, once it's spotless clean again, to sew all the way too worn out areas and then to style up his charming loving owner, Mary, too, getting them both ready and looking so very cute and chic for a fun outing in the park. Isn't this by far one of the most addictive and cutest free management games that you've ever played? Pick a pretty babydolll dress for her and see what girly sweet accessories you could finish off her look with and they'll both be ready for a fun outdoor playtime session!




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