Clean Up Pet Shop

My oh my! It looks like the cute pets living in this pet shop (temporarily, till they get adopted by some loving and so very caring owners) have had quite a good time (maybe a bit “too good” judging by the mess left behind) last night, for they've turned this place upside down and it's... opening hour in just a few minutes! Quick, this definitely calls for an emergency intervention: clean up this place asap! Hurry up and place all those pet food bags, all those tiny food bowls, toys and pet hygiene products back on the due shelves (or maybe on that little table that you have there, in the middle of the shop, it depends), be quick to redress all those lovely little paintings on the wall, as well, to throw all the garbage into the trash bin, too, and, definitely to wipe all the stains off the floor and off the walls and to dust off the furniture, too! It definitely is one of the catchiest new clean up games that you've recently enjoyed, isn't it? Keep up the good job and in no time you'll surely get this pet shop here that super tidy, sparkly clean, welcoming look suitable both for the adorable pets living in here for now and for all the possible future owners coming in!

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