Classroom Clean Up

OMG! It sure looks like these pupils have been quite naughty and that they've had a little too much fun while their teacher left the classroom for just a couple of minutes! They've turned this place upside down, they've got it terribly messy! Someone's about to get grounded or.... maybe not if you agree to clean up all this mess before that strict french teacher's return! First of all get the crowded storage room scanned, looking for all the needed cleaning products and tools: see where the mop might be hiding, look for the broom, as well, for that special stains remover, for a large empty bucket and so on. Once you've spotted them all, let the classroom clean up frenzy begin! Pick up all the paper waste off the floor and throw it into the trashcan, place all those pens and pencils laying on the floor back on the pupils' desks again and so on. Enjoy!

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