Cinema Slacking

This is this adorable couple's very first cinema date, you know! What would you say about taking the role of cute Cupid, a cunning Cupid, making sure their lovely evening will be a truly unforgettable one for the tiny lovebirds, spiced up with lots and lots of funny moments. See that they don't get caught by the security guy there, while doing the “not supposed to do” things, such as throwing popcorn at other spectators or kissing, getting the cinema slacking game started!

The film seems to captivate them, they're all eyes and years, scanning the big screen, enjoying their yummy popcorns. Well, don't think they're that absorbed into the film! They're in fact thinking about all the possible means of sneaking around the guardian there and... type an sms to their friends, the girl is actually planning to cover her date in sweet kisses and they're both cunningly thinking about a secret plan of launching popcorn “missiles”, aiming at other viewers in the cinema hall, without getting spotted, obviously. Have you played other fun online skills games for girls more addictive than this one here? Do you think you could help them do all kinds of “forbidden”stuff while they're supposed to peacefully watch the movie? Stuff such as putting together the puzzles of a large picture of themselves or drinking soda, so very noisily, of course!

If you have a thing for fun online skills games for girls, you'll surely appreciate the special selection we've prepared for you here, on Rainbowdressup!


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