Chinese New Year Slacking

Have you missed naughty little Sarah? Well, if you've been wondering what she's up to these days, you should know that she's getting ready for celebrating the Chinese New Year... in the kitchen! That's right, she'll be one of the most famous Chinese chef's right hand in one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in town! Since, as you can guess, Sarah will be more be than tempted to slack off and neglect her duties as the chef's helper, for celebrating the Chinese New Year her own way, she's relying on you to help her do that behind her boss's back! Help Sarah eat some of the freshly cooked food (that she's not supposed to, obviously), put together a spectacular dragon face mask, too, spot the little goat out of lots of cute animals (it's the goat year in the chinese zodiac), get herself a fabulous Chinese New Year's make-up look, too, and the list can go on. Have a blast!

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