Chinese Fashion 1

She looks so cute and delicate, just like a porcelain doll and still this Chinese fashion girl knows just how to make herself be taken for granted as a really original, stylish fashionista. It's time you added some Chinese inspired clothes to your wardrobe, so get theChinese fashion dress up gamestarted!

So, when you say “Chinese fashion” you cannot but instantly think of the gorgeous, traditional Chinese kimonos. Maybe it's not those type of kimonos that our Asian cute stylista wears when she hits the streets of her crowded city, still the outfits you'll discover playing the Chinese fashion dress up game are their modern replicas. On the left side of the screen your have your category tabs and I invite you to give them some clicks and get your fashion knowledge enriched with cool tips on a super chic fashion style! There are bright colored Chinese blouses and white, schoolgirl shirts, even hot bustiers there for you to pick from and dress up our cute Chinese girl, depending on the occasion she is getting ready for. La crème de la crème of the wardrobe, her most precious clothing items are by far the kimono dresses. All in vivid colors, all embroidered and made of precious fabrics, they all look amazing on this porcelain doll, so you will face a quite serious dilemma choosing the perfect one for her. What else does she need to make her look an authentic stylish Chinese-inspirared one? After you dress up this Chinese girl, you should definitely consider choosing her one of those gorgeous, manually made fans!

Now that you've learned so many new things about the exquisite Chinese fashion style, why not discover some of the Chinese cuisine's secrets, too? Check out theChinese chef gamenow!

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