Chibi Cleopatra

History seems to have neglected her completely, but the legend says that back in the old, old days, in Egypt there used to live a charming little chibi Cleopatra queen as well, not just the stunning Egyptian queen that we all know. That's right, the same legend says that she used to be so pretty and that all those from her kingdom were highly impressed with their tiny royal beauty's exquisite fashion style! She would never ever show herself in front of her people until she wasn't 100% that she looked simply astonishing. You'll no doubt get to the conclusion that this sure is one of those chibi dress up games online which features one of the most impressing Egyptian queen-like fashioncollection! She used to have a huge collection of lightweight, snow white, black or blue dresses, some of them being stylish cut-out gowns, others pretty flouncy knee-length dresses, others gold trimmed dresses. They also say that she had so many bold, attention-grabbing golden jewels and all kinds of stunning golden head adornments that it would have taken her many days for counting them all. Now, what if I told your that you have the chance to style up this “legendary” chibi queen of the Nile here!


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