Charming Forest Fairy

Are you ready for a magic trip to the... enchanted forest? It's the forest where a so very charming, breathtakingly gorgeous fairy lives. She's the lovely protector of all the cute animals living there, ofall the lovely flowers and trees in the forest and she's counting on you to work your magic, as a fashion stylist, on her! So, go ahead and browse through all her leaves and flowers made nymph dresses, picking the prettiest one for her. Don't stop there! Next, look through all her lovely chic fantasy tops, too, while enjoying probably one of the loveliest fairy dress up games online, and through all her gorgeous, exquisitely looking leaf skirts, as well, and, pair them till you've come up with a truly adorable look with a twist of magic for her! Style up her final look with some cute chic flowery or leafy accessories, as well, get the charming forest fairy a superb long, long-length hairstyle, too, and she'll be ready to take off, to flutter her wings in the sky and watch upon her dear magic forest!

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