Cell Phone Dressup

If you would rather embellish your accessories online rather than dress a doll up, you could try your hand at the cell phone maker and mobile dressup games. These interactive cell phone maker games will help you see what you could do to your cell phone and how you could adorn it so that it looks special and it suits your personality.

Change Faces and Colors Do the Mobile Dressup

Cell phone dress up games and mobile dressup

he cell phone maker game will offer you a number of possibilities to make your cell phone special. So, choose your background; are you a pet person- get a cute little kitty or you would do better with a butterfly background. Wallpapers such as smiley face or birdie with message Chicks Rule are also available in the cell phone maker game for you to try. The faces of the phone may also be changed and you have multiple colors to choose from; in addition you can adorn your mobile phone face with smiley faces, flowers and other special stickers. The keys of the phone can also get the same attention from your part in the mobile dressup game, so you can pick out a color that you like for these keys. The design of the phone may be slightly changed if you make the right choices of colors, wallpapers and phone faces, consequently try all your possible variants and see what you like the most. If you like the result, you can apply what you have learnt in real life and make your phone really nice, following the steps from the cell phone maker game.

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