Cats and Dogs Grooming Salon

So, you love cute pooches and you could never ever resist a kitten purring? Well, then how about testing your skills, just to see whether you'd handle working in a popular cats and dogs grooming salon! Pick the adorable pet that you'd love to look after and to groom, from its tiny tail to its paws, first (how about that super cute Husky pup or about one of the sweet kitties?), then rush in to clean up the heart-melting adorable pet's play area, in your salon, using the given rug for removing all those nasty brown stains, then the broom for sweeping up the poo, next all the paper waste, too, all the wrappings laying on the floor and so on... Once you've got the puppy/kitty's play area spotless clean, go ahead and focus on the cute animal himself! Isn't this one of those pet grooming salon games online that feature THE cutest animals you've ever had the chance to... pamper? Get its fur gently shampooed, then wash off all the foam, get it dried, too, next... go ahead and feed your pup or kitten, keep it ideally hydrated and... its newly polished look up to the latest animal fashion trends, too!

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