Cat Room Design

This kitty just got adopted and her new loving family would very much love to surprise her by giving her room a super, super cute, cozy chic décor look. Would you help them with that by accepting to be the interior designer who'll decorate this little bundle of fur's little room? Then feel free to take baby steps and start with the basics, such as selecting a colorful, lovely wall paper. Would you go for a strawberry pattern or for a hearts one? Continue playing what looks like one of the cutest room decoration games online by picking the floor, as well, then mix and match her new comfy cute, lovely shaped bed with her new little fluffy rug, opt for some chic window curtains in the same color as the that of her tiny litter box, maybe, then then style up her room with a mirror featuring an exquisite chic frame, liven it up with lots and lots of cute toys and make sure that the new milk bowl that you'll pick for this lucky kitty is one of the cutest ones from all those put at your disposal. Enjoy!


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